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Universal system for managing structures of small and large enterprises

11 Jan 2022

post-image is a CRM system, created by us from the very beginning. It is very different from our previous projects.

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This is our own product, not a project commissioned by an external client. By creating, we wanted primarily to facilitate and improve the work of people running their own businesses. We know very well how difficult it is to manage all kinds of meetings, conferences, especially if it concerns a larger group of users.

This is the only CRM system that allows you to build the structure of your company the way you want without having to fit into the schemes imposed from above. Our system is constantly being created and developed based on the expectations of all incoming users.

The system can be used by large corporations, sales companies, as well as small entrepreneurs looking for a place where they can gather all their clients in one place or meet with individual contractors.

The main purpose of the system is to manage customers and employees within the company. allows relationships with both regular customers and newly established contacts to turn into long-term customers with our system. All the most important functions you may need for efficient communication with the client, company and project management are in one place, which saves a lot of time. is the only CRM system of its kind where you can do video conferencing without being redirected to Zoom or Google Meet.

When creating a meeting, the Chairman can post questions or resolutions that need to be voted on. The meeting itself is conducted in a simple and convenient manner. Everyone except the chairman is automatically muted, ensuring peace and quiet. Participants can ask the chairperson to unmute them as much as possible.

The system also includes a calendar that accommodates all important events and the possibility of creating groups. The function of creating groups has many advantages such as very good organization, independence in building a company structure or inviting many participants to a meeting in one click.

Using you can also maintain a project board, manage tasks and assign specific members to them.

You can monitor the work on a project by moving shuffles to individual tables/steps. When creating a project board, you can choose between a ready-made template and a custom template creation feature. provides endless possibilities for entrepreneurs, sales departments in large organizations and more.