Advanced advertising portal with CMS panel and full administration.

We completed this project 100% from the first line of code and the first view designed by our UI/UX department.

Our task in cooperation with the client was also assistance in drawing up the MVP specification of the portal. In summary, the task completed from A to Z. 

It is worth mentioning that the project for mobile devices was created in such a way that the users visiting the portal on mobile devices would feel as if it was a full-fledged mobile application 

Another key element of the order was its execution time, it was 40 working days, the system was delivered a few days before the deadline and it was tested by an external company dealing with such tasks. The tests were 100% successful, bless the Lord our main developer who is crazy about writing tests for everything possible. 

In addition, we have also created a simple mobile application for Android system, redirecting to the web version of the announcement portal.

If you are interested in the full list of features that were implemented by us to the above mentioned portal, please contact us through our contact form. 


Specification preparation, API connections, Portal design from A to Z, External testing, Short lead time, Android mobile application

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